Success through trade fairs

Trade fairs in Germany have been around for centuries and, given their role as the hub of a dynamic market, can look forward to a bright future. Trade fairs give companies an opportunity to explain their products and services to a specific audience, generate emotional appeal amongst target groups and motivate people to make purchases. This applies in equal measure to both public and industry fairs.

The key success factor for any trade fair is the number of qualified contacts. Suppliers and consumers must be coordinated and informed in such a way that they engage in dialogue with each other. We see this as the primary aim of our success-oriented trade fair management services.

New ideas can best develop in the places where the old ones are continually questioned. For this reason, the decades of experience offered by deltacom Projektmanagement GmbH are no invitation for us to rest on our laurels, but rather an obligation to deliver exceptional performance in the development and organisation of trade fairs, congresses and events, as well as in the consultancy and support we offer to trade fair participants.

Our Services

From the development of an overall concept through to site advice, marketing and budget planning, we work with our partners to draw up a blueprint for your event. Once the concept has been established, we’ll start working on the details, by which we mean organising and implementing everything from A to Z – before, during and after the event.

Trade fair organisation

deltacom Projektmanagement GmbH serves associations, institutions and interest groups that wish to organise an industry-specific event (trade fair, congress, etc.). From conceptual consultancy through to implementation, we provide our clients with comprehensive and personalised support. deltacom Projektmanagement GmbH is not merely a company that implements plans, but shows initiative in a constructive fashion and applies its knowledge with a view to meeting your expectations and bringing your ideas to life. Our core services are:

Concept development and planning

  • Monitoring of individual industries/industry segments
  • Site analysis to help you choose the right venue
  • Development and implementation of new trade fair, congress and event concepts with accompanying communication work, in cooperation with expert and/or conceptual partners if necessary
  • Transparent budget and operational activities planning with the help of cutting-edge software
  • Development of an integrated communication concept for exhibitors and assistance in addressing visitors
  • Advice on sponsorship activities
  • Development and organisation of supporting programmes, special exhibitions, etc.
  • Coordination of joint stands for both domestic and international trade fairs

Project organisation

  • Contract negotiations with trade fair companies
  • Contract negotiations with external partners (stand construction, catering, block bookings at hotels, etc.)
  • Production and distribution of advertising materials for exhibitors and (trade) visitors
  • Exhibitor acquisition and processing (correspondence, placement, order fulfilment, invoicing, etc.)
  • Technical organisation incl. hall arrangements, layout planning, process planning, staff deployment (tills, registration, technicians, hostesses, etc.)
  • Site management (construction/dismantling, transport, waste disposal, cleaning, security, etc.)
  • Technical services (telecommunications, electricity/water supply, etc.)

On-site services

  • Set-up and coordination of the trade fair office along with information and service centres
  • Individual service and personal support for exhibitors, press, etc.
  • Guiding delegations, looking after VIPs
  • Coordination of the supporting and evening programmes
  • Conduction of exhibitor and visitor surveys

Follow-up work

  • Event documentation
  • Analysis and evaluation of the exhibitor and visitor surveys
  • Debriefing and feedback discussions with all parties involved
  • Settling all accounts with partners incl. final costings
  • Concept revision for the following event

Trade fair participation

More and more companies from the sectors of industry, services and retail are commissioning trade fair agencies with the planning and implementation of their participation at national and international trade fairs and congresses. Alongside cost savings, the comprehensive expertise of an external partner is decisive. So why not benefit from the many years of experience offered by deltacom Projektmanagement GmbH?

Individual tasks:
we act as your ”temporary Trade Fair department” for individual or multiple subprojects (e.g. preparation and follow-up work for trade fair participation, advice on stand construction and design).

Full service:
in this case, we act as a consulting partner to guide you through all project management phases connected to the complete organisation of your trade fairs, congresses, trade fair participation and other events: from the choice of venue through to the selection of project partners and success monitoring.

Our services for your trade fair participation

  • Selection and evaluation of national and international trade fairs in view of your goals
  • Development of a year planner vis-ä-vis trade fairs and communication
  • Trade fair and market entrance strategy, analysis of the trade fair strategy in terms of strengths and optimisation potential, trade fair planning and operational implementation incl. preparation, budgeting, and task definition.
  • Operational project management, direct interface to company, scheduling, coordination of contractors
  • CRM tools
  • Customer acquisition strategies, customer communication measures, customer-oriented implementation, customer events, training trade fair staff
  • Administrative customer support
  • Collation of address data, prompt dispatch of company information, invitations, etc.
  • Knowledge transfer into the company (staff training)
  • Follow-up support and evaluation, results- and goal-based evaluation, analysis of strengths and further optimisation potential

You can rest assured that you will receive all these services from one provider and will have one contact as we pave the way for your trade fair appearance.

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